The primary goal of HK Title Solutions is to provide the solutions and strategies that will protect your business' legal interests and advance its goals. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting a business, you need effective contracts and legal documents.

Business Litigation
and Disputes

 Whether you are initiating litigation, or you are being sued, it is important that you protect your company and your interests with seasoned representation. We provide representation at the local to national levels, as well as mediation, negotiation, litigation and appellate counsel. 


Transactional Contract Formation and Resolution
Ensure your business is fully protected. HK Title Solutions offers a broad range of contract services aimed at helping Florida businesses meet long-term and short-term goals while laying the groundwork for success.

General Law
Whether you are just starting a small business on your own, or you are the principal in a medium-sized business, every successful business needs knowledgeable advice and effective legal representation. Our firm's professionals, including lawyer Bill Yanger, can effectively represent your interests, whether you are starting your first business, or you have ongoing business needs.